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Okay, Let’s Tour! Matthew Mole Live in Kalk Bay/Simons Town

Okay, Let’s Tour! Matthew Mole Live in Kalk Bay/Simons Town

Okay, Let’s Tour! Matthew Mole Live in Kalk Bay/Simons Town

19 May 2024 18:00


Matthew Mole is hitting the road in May 2024 to see all of his friends in some of his favorite parts of South Africa! He’ll be playing your fave Matthew Mole songs and will be celebrating the release of my single “OKAY”!

Come have the best time with us and let’s sing songs together!

The renowned South African artist embarks on a South African tour in celebration of his latest album “Wake Up, It’s Morning” featuring the smash hits “Okay”, “Always by my Side”, “See Me Again” and “Wake Up”.

Fans can expect a high energy performance by the platinum-selling singer/songwriter and musical alchemist brewing a concoction that's part folk, part electronic wizardry, and all shades of
Matthew is the maestro behind his own melodies, crafting songs that dance between the realms of imagination and reality. With four full-length albums and a trove of B-side EPs under his belt, he's on a quest for sonic exploration.

His debut album, 'The Home We Built,' didn't just hit the charts; it bulldozed its way to the #1 spot on iTunes SA, marking Matthew as the first to do that in South African music history. His second album 'Run' dashed to the top of the iTunes charts as well, proving that lightning does strike twice in the realm of musical mischief.

'Ghost,' his third album, materialized in 2019, haunting the airwaves with its ethereal tunes and snagging two South African Music Awards like shiny trophies in a bizarre dream. However, it's not just about the accolades; it's about the journey. Matthew's latest musical odyssey, 'Wake Up, It's Morning,' has stirred up 5 million Spotify streams in record time.

When he's not enchanting audiences with his whimsical tunes, Matthew's busy collecting SAMA nominations like they're rare Pokémon cards. And let's not forget his escapades on stage – whether he's sharing the limelight with international acts like Bastille or gallivanting across the globe, from the USA to the far reaches of Thailand and Russia.

And did we mention his European jaunts? Matthew's chalked not one, not two, but three headline tours across the continent, leaving a trail of whimsy and wonder in his wake. From the cobblestone streets of the UK to the eclectic cities of Germany, The Netherlands, France, Switzerland, Austria and Belgium. Each stop on his tours adding a new chapter to his global symphony.

NB: All ages, under 18s must be accompanied by an adult



Okay, Let’s Tour! Matthew Mole Live in Kalk Bay/Simons Town

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