Real-time Event Information
  • Access to real-time information of tickets sales via Webtickets dashboard.
  • Access to customer data.
  • Reports include tickets sales, returning customers and customer no shows.

Manage your tickets
  • Control the details of your event.
  • Control branding and marketing of your tickets.
  • Ticketholder Data: Customise ticket holder data fields for your event.

Social media integration
  • Include the Webtickets facebook app on your Facebook page - your customers can purchase tickets within facebook.
  • Your customers can log in seamlessly via facebook. No dropped sales because they've forgotten their password.
  • Add your social media links to your event (Facebook, Twitter and your event hashtag), as we offer a unique monthly prize to encourage that customers share after purchasing their tickets, the share leads potential customers directly to your page on Webtickets.

Unique PnP instore payment option *new
  • Customers without credit cards can now book online and pay in any Pick n Pay store nationwide.
  • All major credit cards accepted online.
  • EFT & cash sales accepted online.

Customise the purchasing experience
  • Custom Confirmation Page - Customise your own payment confirmation page with a special offer, competition link or additional information that you’d only like your purchasing customers to see.
  • Survey Questions - Find out how your customers found out about your event, or which band they’d like to see next by adding a survey question to the payment page.
  • Unique Terms and Conditions - If your event requires unique Terms and Conditions or an Indemnity Form, add a checkbox to the payment page, with a link to your website.

Event Promoter Program
  • Event organisers send a link to preferred promoters allowing them to register online and receive a unique promoter link to promote the events, commission on ticket sales can be set at the client level, which can be tracked by the promoter and client.
  • Event organiser offers a pre-arranged commission per sale with promoter, incentivising them to push sales.
  • Promoter has access to dashboard on Webtickets allowing them to view their sales and commissions.

Discount functionality
  • Discount Codes - Provide customers with a discount code allowing them to enter this code during the purchase process to qualify for reduced value tickets.
  • Discount ticket allocation - Provide customer with a secure link to purchase discounted tickets only available to that customer.
  • Group Discounts - Offer group discounts by setting a percentage discount after a certain amount of tickets have been selected.
  • Credit Card Discounts - This allows you to offer discounted tickets only when paid for by certain credit card holders eg Investec/Nedbank/ABSA etc. This is great for bank sponsors of your event.

Complimentary ticket functionality
  • Issue Comps - Issue complimentary tickets directly to your guests, guests receive an SMS/ Email notification to download their tickets.
  • RSVP Comp System - Provide customers with a link to request/RSVP a complimentary ticket. The event organiser can then issue the requested comps via the Event Manager.

Media Accreditation functionality *new
  • Send a link directly to media to apply for tickets to your event.
  • Event organiser is able to view media requests, and accept or decline via the event manager.
  • Successful applicants are automatically notified by sms and email, and issued with media tickets.

Event Preregistration *new
  • Customers can preregister for tickets before they go on sale.
  • Event organiser can select which of these customers qualify, and accept or decline via the event manager.
  • Successful applicants are automatically notified by sms and email, and issued with a unique secure link allowing them to purchase the tickets.
  • This is a particularly powerful method of building up hype for an event, as well as monitoring consumer appetite for the upcoming event.

PnP smart shopper plugin *new
  • Get exposed to Pick n Pays smart shopper program, a loyalty program with 8.5 Million members across SA.
  • Offer smart shopper discounts to promote your event to this base, eg. Buy 1 get 1 free, and reach new customers through the Webtickets Smart shopper discount page on www.webtickets.co.za/smartshopper.aspx.
  • Customers can load tickets on their smart shopper cards and use these to access the event.
  • Customers will soon be able to switch their points for tickets to your event via smart shopper kiosks in over 800 Pick n Pays across the country.
  • Customers will soon be able to book tickets at over 800 smart shopper kiosks nationwide.

Seating plan integration
  • Reserved seat booking functionality for stadiums, theatres, fashion shows, concerts.
  • Send us your seating plan and we will map it to Webtickets as per your venue.
  • Allows customers to choose their seat via our user friendly seat mapping system.

Secure Ticket Transfers
  • Eliminate ticket fraud and ticket scalping by allowing customers to transfers their tickets on Webtickets.
  • Our secure ticket transfer function enables customers to sell their tickets to a new purchaser via Webtickets- simply and safely.
  • For more information click here.

Self-service Ticket Rescheduling
  • Date Reschedule - Customers can reschedule thier tickets to another date, for example, The Galileo Open Air Cinema often has to reschedule their shows due to adverse weather conditions, rather than losing the sale and refunding all customers, customers are able to reschedule their own tickets to a new date.
  • Event Reschedule - Customers can easily reschedule their tickets to a different event, for example, the postponed Ben Howard concert, customers were able to easily self-manage the process of rescheduling to the Paolo Nutini concert or select one of the two alternative new concert dates for the Ben Howard Tour.