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Introducing Webtickets Web Stream and Video on Demand! Break boundaries and reach greater audiences than ever before with online live streamed or on demand events.

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Live Streaming

Get those feet tapping and fingers snapping in a few clicks and watch your livestream views skyrocket!

Webtickets Web Stream provides our customer a secure platform to purchase access and view your live streamed event. Get feedback, interact and take your live event to a whole new level via the chat panel, and Live More with Web Stream.
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With Webtickets On Demand, you can sell and stream pre recorded video content at the click of a button.

Whether its archived content, purpose produced entertainment or previously livestreamed shows, on demand gives you the platform for pay-to-play content safely and securely via your customers Webtickets profile!


Keep your stream secure with gated access only available to a single verified and fully-paid customer. Once the customer has made payment video content is made available via their Webtickets account profile – ensuring a fully secure stream.

The possibilities are endless!

Live Stream anything from online concerts and music events, theatre productions, webinars and tutorials to archived content and more. Live streams can be done on their own or in conjunction with a live event in a physical location.


Contact us now and we’ll get you set up with your free trial. Email us on or call 0861 999 710 and we’ll get you up and streaming.