Webtickets - Thomas Anders (of Modern Talking) - Live in Pretoria

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Thomas Anders (of Modern Talking) - Live in Pretoria

Reserved Seating

Thomas Anders (of Modern Talking) - Live in Pretoria

08 Jun 2024 18:00

Sunbet Arena, Times Square, Pretoria

Block B
Retractable Block BR1,295.00
Block BC
Block BCR995.00
Block C
Retractable Block CR1,095.00
Block CD
Block CDR995.00
Block D
Block DR995.00
Block DE
Block DER995.00
Block E
Block ER995.00
Block EF
Block EFR995.00
Block F
Block FR995.00
Block FG
Block FGR995.00
Block G
Retractable Block GR1,095.00
Block GH
Block GHR995.00
Block H
Retractable Block HR1,295.00
Block K left
Block K R595.00
Block K
Block K R595.00
Block N
Block N R795.00
Block L
Block LR795.00
Block M
Block M R795.00
Block P
Block PR595.00
Block P right
Block PR595.00
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Renowned German artist Thomas Anders, famed for his iconic contributions to Modern Talking, is set to embark on an exhilarating music tour in South Africa in 2024. With a career spanning over 40 years and a remarkable legacy in the music industry, Thomas Anders will showcase his timeless hits with live performances in Cape Town and Pretoria.

Thomas Anders will be joined in Pretoria by two of SA’s most beloved artists, Kurt Darren and Demi Lee Moore.