The Subways and Fun Lovin’ Criminals

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The Subways and Fun Lovin’ Criminals

15 Nov 2019 00:12


#PartyAnimals, it’s time to take to the streets! Join The Subways (UK) and Fun Lovin’ Criminals (Fast and Frank DJ Set) alongside South Africa’s best for the street gathering of your life.

Migrate between the 3 stages set up in and around The Mills Parking Lot, Newtown, Johannesburg on the 22nd and Harrington Street, East City, Cape Town on the 23rd of November.

Be on the lookout for the likes of aKing, Desmond and the Tutus, Half ‘n Half, Taxi Violence, Sasquatch, Beast, kidofdoom, Sideshow, YOH!, Beach Party, Big Exit, Robfather and ShortStraw as they will also be prowling the streets.

Howl at your mates, call out the pack and enjoy a round of ice cold shots!

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