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Are you looking for an evening filled with great music, talent, and a good dose of humour? Look no further.
For their most recent performance, Duo, Niel Berg (piano and vocals) and Natalie Bentley (cello), a longtime friend and collaborator, visit The Basement Theatre once more. Guests will experience a musical and emotional rollercoaster filled with great music and humour.
The show will feature exquisite renditions of well-known songs by Billy Joel, Peter Gabriel, and Coenie de Villiers, as well as a range of Niel and Natalie's original songs. The talented Mia G (vocals) will also make a special appearance, and there may be a few additional guests making surprise appearances…
Along with a strong musical repertoire, Niel's distinct sense of humour will have the audience in stitches. Fan-favourites include "Chris, Chris and Jan" (Niel's original musical adaptation of his own romance novel), "Let's write a song" (interactive songwriting) and Noot vir Noot, will leave the audience engaged throughout.
Patrons are welcome to bring their own snacks and food into the theatre. There will be a cash bar open throughout the show.

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