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2024 FORBES WOMAN AFRICA Leading Women Summit

2024 FORBES WOMAN AFRICA Leading Women Summit

2024 FORBES WOMAN AFRICA Leading Women Summit

08 March 2024 08:30


The FORBES WOMAN AFRICA Leading Women Summit will showcase its ninth landmark edition on March 8 2024 at the Emperors Palace in Johannesburg, South Africa. The much-anticipated and hugely successful annual must-do calendar event will honor International Women’s Day and the female leaders and luminaries going beyond the script for a new vision for Africa. The day, featuring exclusive panels, talks, one-on-one interviews and fireside chats, will salute African ingenuity and the power of the female collective, connecting the dots, the doers and their doings.
As innovative technology and artificial intelligence herald a new world order, the summit will address how we must take advantage of this changing paradigm to catalyze the role of women in the mainstream. How can tech upskill and educate women to leapfrog historic inequalities? This is how change can be fast-tracked given that women are faster learners and early adopters. Additionally, the summit will examine the ideas and innovations coming out of Africa, and the pioneers leading the charge and disrupting the status quo. This is where you will meet them all, tenaciously talking triumphs and trends and the new leadership mindset to change the course. The summit will bring together the best and the brightest from across Africa and the world, igniting a new discourse, and the power of now!

The 9th edition of this annual event is expected to be the biggest one yet. Tickets are limited. Book today!

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2024 FORBES WOMAN AFRICA Leading Women Summit

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