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A Tribute to ikas’ Lama Kasi

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A Tribute to ikas’ Lama Kasi

18 Jun 2021 20:27


A Note: Here, as in KWAITO, the Narrative is the Context. Kwaito has been always dismissed from being considered as a formidable genre by many a critical thought influencer and intellectual forums alike, due to the fact that it is a populist form which caters for people who exist on the economic affluence margins. Snobbery has excluded Kwaito from High Art.

It is this conception which has made the so-called Black Elites, and the unintelligible Black Intelligentsia bourgeoisie formulate misguided opinions which frame Kwaito as a self-indulgent and vacuous exercise.

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A Tribute to ikas’ Lama Kasi

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