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Thavhazimbi - RapidLion Film Festival

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Thavhazimbi - RapidLion Film Festival

02 Aug 2021 04:05


RapidLion - The South African International Film Festival presents Thavhazimbi

We open on a seemingly happy home, as Mmuso is on all fours, taking weeds out of the garden, and his mother, Puleng hovering over him and watching him.

Lebo is standing at the window of the house, holding a baby in her arms, and watching Mmuso and Puleng.

Puleng shoots Lebo a sharp look, but Lebo doesn’t see this, as she is putting the baby in the cot. Puleng invites Mmuso into the house for a cup of tea before he goes to work.

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Thavhazimbi - RapidLion Film Festival

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