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Mabata Bata - RapidLion Film Festival

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Mabata Bata - RapidLion Film Festival

15 Mar 2020 16:15


RapidLion - The South African International Film Festival presents Mabata Bata.

Azarias is a young orphan shepherd, keeper of a herd of oxen, where the ox Mabata Bata stands out. The oxen will be the basis of the "lobolo" payment, a traditional dowry that his uncle Raul must pay for his own marriage.

Azarias’ dream is to be a normal child, to go to school, gold that is supported by his grandmother. One day, when Azariah is in the pasture, Mabata Bata steps into a mine - the result of the civil war in the country - and explodes.

The young man fears his uncle's reprisals and flees to the forest, taking with him the remaining oxen.

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Mabata Bata - RapidLion Film Festival