The 9th Annual 24 Hours in the City!

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The 9th Annual 24 Hours in the City!

14 Dec 2019 14:33


It's POPArt's 8th birthday, which means that we celebrate it exactly the way the little theatre that could be launched 8 years ago: with the 24 Hour play festival.

6 writers, 6 actors and 24 actors get 24 hours to make 6 all-new 10 min plays for you to see for one night only! It's MADNESS. IT's MAYHEM. And it's always a blast!

All proceeds go toward sponsoring one year's tuition for a student at the Market Theatre Lab.

And, this being the 9th year of our favourite annual event, it will be the last of its kind - because it’s even more mad to do the same thing 10 years in a row. What we’re saying is... don’t miss out!

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