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Capegate Ice Slide

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Capegate Ice Slide

02 Mar 2021 09:23


This year you and your family can try out a 28m long curved slide, a 24m long dipper as well as a 1.5m kiddie’s slide, which are all made from real ice.

Kids will also get to play will real ice at the Ice Play Station. The area will also feature seven different, life-sized animals that lived during the ice age! All animals are set to simulate their natural environment and habitat of their time. You can learn all about the Woolly Mammoth, Saber-toothed Tiger, Irish elk, Terror Bird and Glyptodon.

Tickets cost just R80 for a full rider, R50 for a mini rider and just R30 for a non-rider. These tickets are all valid for a 45-minute sliding session and include the ice age animal expo.

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Capegate Ice Slide