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RUNDELA27 - Long Run To Freedom

RUNDELA27 - Long Run To Freedom


Rundela27 is a race that embarks on a 27km route through the City of Joburg, Africa's urban running capital.

The race aims to celebrate the life of Nelson Mandela. The "27" symbolizes the number of years he was incarcerated, and the route will pass through key landmarks in the city which are named and dedicated to his memory. Entries close 30 June for 27km, 13.5km and 5km.

Join us in celebrating Madiba and his legacy. Complimentary Rundela27 t-shirt available to the first 3000 runners (27km, 13.5km and 5km events). The shirt is made from absorbent, moisture-wicking material, this comfortable, breathable tee will quickly become an essential for your runs.

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RUNDELA27 - Long Run To Freedom