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Marc Eugene Lottering (CPT)

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27-SEP-2024 19:30

Marc Eugene Lottering (CPT)

Theatre On The Bay, Camps Bay

Stalls (Row A)
Stalls (Row A) R150.00
Stalls (Rows C-J)
Stalls (Rows C-J) R250.00
PENSIONER (Valid ID number Required) R200.00
Stalls (Row K)
Stalls (Row K) R200.00
Left Box
Left Box R250.00
Right Box
Right Box R250.00
Wheelchair Seats
Wheelchair Seats R200.00
Balcony (Row AA-BB) R250.00
PENSIONER (Valid ID number Required) R200.00
Balcony (Row CC)
Balcony (Row CC) R200.00
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MARC EUGENE LOTTERING is Lottering’s newest stand-up show. And yes, that really is his second name.

In this show, Lottering shares his findings on where he thinks his colourful family tree stems from. As is to be expected, his viewpoints are hilariously outrageous after his mom, when he was little, promised him that they were all originally “blonde German-Caribbeans”.