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10 June 2024

Fynarts 2024

Fynarts 2024 10 June 2024

7 - 17 June 2024


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Fynarts 2024

Coffee & Croissants Topical Talks – New South Africa, New Censor 10 Jun 2024 08:30

R185 - R220

Despite international warnings, the South African Parliament has passed new legislation that stifles the free expression of ideas, under the pretext of stamping out ‘hate speech’. This censorship promises to be as absurd and as draconian as any we knew under the old regime. It is all too familiar because we have been here before. With criminal penalties being imposed on broad and ill-defined categories of expression, speaking or writing the ‘wrong words’ could land you in jail for years.

Talks & Presentations – The Lost City of Alexander the Great 10 Jun 2024 09:30

R90 - R100

Shortly after 9/11, award-winning journalist, filmmaker and author Hamilton Wende travelled into northern Afghanistan with a TV news team and found himself on the frontlines of the war against the Taliban.
On a high mountain that overlooked the Taliban positions, he discovered that the area held the ruins of a 2 000-year-old city founded by Alexander the Great.
He tells a fascinating illustrated story of his journey into war, memory and ancient history, which became the basis of his novel, House of War.

Workshop – Kintsugi for Beginners 10 Jun 2024 10:00

R550 - R525

During this interactive workshop you will learn a little of the history of Kintsugi, the Japanese art of fixing broken ceramics with gold. Adri Baard will review the different methods available, as well as the tools needed before moving on to fixing your selected pieces. The act of piecing broken ceramic back together is a relaxing, meditative act and no prior experience is necessary. Each participant will receive their own starter kintsugi kit, containing imitation gold powder and epoxy resin which they can take home.

Workshop – Book Making and Marbling 10 Jun 2024 10:00


Hermanus artist Terry Kobus will once again offer this popular workshop where you`ll create your own bound journal, from start to finish, using quality watercolour paper for the pages. Learn marbling techniques to make bespoke end-pages and the basic skills of bookbinding to create a unique multiple signature hardback book. Each journal will be bound in an ancient traditional Japanese style. Numbers are limited to only five participants. The ticket price includes a light lunch and kit with all materials.

Workshop – Cellphone Photography 10 Jun 2024 10:00

R350 - R320

By popular request, Leanne Dryburgh and Peter Hassall of the and are back with a workshop for people who would like to learn how they can take better photographs with their cellphones. At the start of the workshop participants will be shown how to set up their phones, followed by a slide-show to explain light and composition. The rest of the workshop is a practical hands-on experience that takes the form of guided indoor and outdoor photography.

Talks & Presentations – The Real Sara Baartman 10 Jun 2024 11:00

R90 - R100

The Khoi woman Saartjie Baartman became famous when she was exhibited as the ‘Hottentot Venus’ in London and Paris between 1810 and 1815, the year of her untimely death.
Celebrated South African composer Hendrik Hofmeyr explains how, in writing the opera Sara Baartman, he had to sift through the many myths surrounding her life to arrive at an operatic portrait of a remarkable, complex and multifaceted individual. The talk will include a screening of the final scene of the opera.

Food and Wine: Morning Tea – Only Specials 10 Jun 2024 11:00

R350 for 2 people

Enjoy a Morning Tea with an array of sweet and savoury treats served by a team of intellectually challenged students from Camphill, who have received training and been given the opportunity to enjoy meaningful employment. You will be welcomed with open arms and warm smiles at Only Specials – a place where dedication, passion, and learning come together to create an unforgettable experience.

Culinary Series: Demo – All Rolled Up 10 Jun 2024 11:00

R230 - R220

Well known throughout the Cape for her inspiring cookery courses, Rosemarie Saunders will be demonstrating vegetable roulades. Traditionally found in various European cuisines, roulade has been a popular dish since the 18th century. These attractive and delicious filled vegetarian roulades can be served hot or cold for a first course or as a canapé. They delight not only the taste buds, but also the eye.

Culinary Series – Demos – Package All Ten Sessions 10 Jun 2024 11:00


Enjoy all five morning sessions and all five afternoon sessions of the culinary series of demos from 10 – 14 June

Culinary Series – Demos – Package: Morning Sessions 10 Jun 2024 11:00


Enjoy all five morning sessions from 10 – 14 June. Four of these demos will be vegetarian or vegan dishes, including filled vegetable roulades, vegetarian soups, a falafel Buddha bowl and a decadent vegan dessert.

Performance: Visions and Virtuosity 10 Jun 2024 12:30

R140 - R160

Reconnecting with his South African roots, UK-based violinist Emmanuel Bach, accompanied by Jenny Stern on piano, offers three highly expressive yet very different works in this recital.

Wine Tasting: Wines of Note – Tertius Boshoff 10 Jun 2024 12:30

R230 - R200

Get up to date with the most exciting wines in South Africa today when three experts choose and present for tasting the finest and most interesting wines in their view. Winemaker’s Choice: Tertius was Winemaker of the Year 2023 and is the acclaimed cellar master and owner of Stellenrust and ArtiSons Wines. He is the winner of various awards.

Wine Tastings – Wines of Note Package – All Three Sessions 10 Jun 2024 12:30


Get up to date with the most exciting wines in South Africa today when three experts present for tasting the finest and most interesting wines in their view. This will include the Winemaker’s Choice, the Wine Writer’s Choice and the Wine Judge’s Choice.

Book Talk – Finding Endurance 2 10 Jun 2024 14:00


Ernest Shackleton’s ship Endurance was discovered perfectly preserved below the Antarctic ice in 2022, 106 years after it sank. Darrel Bristow-Bovey has had a personal connection to Endurance ever since his father first told him that he sailed south with Shackleton. History enthusiast James Gray will talk to Darrel about this stirring story, interwoven with very personal memoir to tell an inspiring tale about hope and great beauty, about how to love and how to survive.

Talks & Presentations – Peeling Back the Petals 10 Jun 2024 15:00

R90 - R100

Flowers appear in art as early as ancient Greece and ancient Egypt and have decorated both canvases and textbooks ever since.
This presentation by Strauss & Co fine art specialist Kayleen Wrigley will be an exploration into the history of flowers in both classical and botanical art. It promises to be a delightful discovery of world trade, passion, and economics as told through the petals we so love and adore.

Culinary Series: Demo – Racy Risotto 10 Jun 2024 15:00

R230 - R220

Oelof Vorster, head chef at The Marine, uses classic French techniques in his kitchen, to which he adds a modern touch. He will demonstrate how to make a Roasted Tomato Risotto bursting with flavour. It can be served as a starter or as a main. Risotto is a versatile Italian rice dish that is easy to master in the home kitchen. It is a comforting yet elegant meal that is great for winter.

Culinary Series – Demos - Package: Afternoon Session 10 Jun 2024 15:00


Enjoy all five morning sessions from 10 – 14 June. You’ll learn how to make risotto, ramen, fish, oxtail with a twist, as well as a showstopper dessert.

Book Talk – The End of Eden 10 Jun 2024 17:00


Most media coverage of climate breakdown focuses on humans. Very little attention is paid to its effects on the millions of wild species that share the planet with us, even though most of them are more vulnerable than we are.
Adam will talk to environmental historian Kobus du Pisani about this controversial book, described by the New York Times as “disturbing and important… a calm depiction of catastrophe, as if Vermeer had decided to paint some kind of terrifying slow-motion atrocity.”

Performance: A Victor Borge Tribute 10 Jun 2024 18:30

R190 - R220

Acclaimed organist and pianist Winand Grundling brings his own interpretation of the legendary Danish-American comedian and musician Victor Borge’s oeuvre to the FynArts Festival.

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