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Saturday 29 January - In Person

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UCT Summer School 2022 Saturday 29 January - In Person

10 - 29 January 2022


Summer School offers 100 short courses and lectures across a range of disciplines and topics. Summer School 2022 will be delivered in person and online, which means that participants can join this flagship programme from anywhere in the world.

Summer School is run by the University of Cape Town’s Centre for Extra-Mural Studies.

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UCT Summer School 2022



Felix Mendelssohn is one of the most popular composers of the nineteenth-century Romantic era. His cheerful symphonies and piano concertos, his sublime violin concerto – one of the most significant in the repertoire – and choral works, are regular features in the concert hall. But little is known about his gifted elder sister Fanny. In this double lecture the relationship between these gifted siblings is explored, their lives and their music, with particular focus on their roles and reception in the society of the time.

THE PEOPLE’S ECONOMY 29 Jan 2022 13:00


Transforming the agricultural sector creates opportunities to improve skills and new employment opportunities. The demand for higher value goods from agricultural output creates opportunities to diversify economies. Enabling prosperity and agricultural transformation have important links that other nations have successfully connected. We are not yet where we should be to take full advantage of the possibilities that a transformed agriculture system can offer. This course will explore some of the pathways that agriculture could take for the benefit of the African people and the world.

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