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Food Dialogues 2022

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Food Dialogues 2022

18 July - 1 August


Connect and network with people shaping the future of food, discover new insights into our food culture and learn ways to bring about a healthier, more resilient and just food system. The programme of events includes expert panel discussions, hands-on cooking classes, walking tours, art exhibitions and much much more at venues across the city.

Food Dialogues is hosted by the SA Urban Food & Farming Trust with co-host and sponsor SOLVE@Waterfront. Co-sponsored by the Centre of Excellence in Food Security, event partners include the WCEDP, African Centre for Cities, the SA Food Lab, The OZCF Market, Bertha House, Philippi Village, City of Cape Town, Western Cape Government and Derrick.

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Food Dialogues 2022

Dialogues through Food

In a series of six amazing culinary experiences, ranging from participatory cooking demonstrations to dinner theatre, noted chefs will each present plates of food that help us think more deeply and broadly about the food we eat, share, choose and celebrate. How does food itself speak to us?

Food Shopping Futures

Who sells us our food and who produces it reveals a lot about the system that gets food onto supermarket shelves, into online shopping carts, spaza shops and onto our menus. This interactive mini-conference looks at emerging alternatives to mainstream food retail, as well as fundamental changes, within mainstream retail. It will showcase clues about what our future food shopping and consumption might look like and what difference that will make for our health, wallets, farmers and our planet.

Feeding our Future

Workshop looking at how we are feeding infants and their mothers and giving insight into the broader problems with food and nutrition across all ages and populations. Drawing on research from the Nourished Child Project, engagements will be facilitated by Prof Jane Battersby of UCT with invited community members, practitioners and others who are tackling these issues on the ground today in vulnerable communities. Sessions are designed for members of local ECDs, community kitchens, health workers, clinic staff, activists and advocates, to share approaches, practices and challenges coming out of their respective communities.

Walking Tours

Small group walking tours use a food systems lens to reveal unique insights and the intricate connections between space and place, past and future, people and planet.


Celebrate the legacy of Nelson Mandela in a day of volunteering.