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Cape Town Carnival 2022

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Reunite with friends, family and our beautiful city as you enjoy a reimagined Cape Town Carnival experience on 19 March 2022, where COVID-19 safety is as important as showcasing the incredible creativity of our people.

We use to have one way to enjoy Carnival, but now, we have five.
So come meander between five one-of-a-kind Carnival Hubs, bursting to life with colour, art, song, dance, music and more. They each tell a different story, which you can read more about here.

You curate your Carnival experience by simply buying a R10 ticket for each hub that you want to visit, at a time that works for you.

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Cape Town Carnival 2022

Hatfield Street Hub

Mountain of Memories

You’re invited into a place of hope and transformation. Memories of District 6 are brought to life through music, performance and installation design, celebrating South Africa’s transition to democracy and the spirit of hope and possibility.

SA Museum Hub

Tales of Camissa

Dedicated to honouring and celebrating the First People of South Africa, through the Eland and giant representation of Cape fynbos, both revered in rock art and cultural practice. The bow is played, dancers kick up the dust in riel dance around the fire, and spoken words of local poets call us into shared awareness.

National Gallery Hub

Cultural Roots

A statuesque float, adorned in rich colours and uniquely South African design, such as the bull’s horn motif, stands tall at the top of a wide flight of stairs. It acts as a stage and backdrop to the action of our performers, as it contrasts with the magnificent building behind.

Green Market Hub

The DRUM Era

Expect a wave of energy and enthusiasm, as you’re welcomed to enter the enigmatic DRUM era, celebrating the music and style of a time, when people thrived in the face of adversity. Surrounded by trees, the environment will come to life with colour, design and more.

Heritage Square Hub


A celebration of personal identity and our ability to express ourselves through voice, style and movement, Umswenko inspired the costume and the design of ‘Swenka Town’ - a vibrant graphic space featuring high energy expressive dance.

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