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THE UGLY NOO NOO at the Market Theatre

THE UGLY NOO NOO at the Market Theatre

THE UGLY NOO NOO at the Market Theatre

from 15 Aug 2024 19:00


The Market Theatre will be presenting The Ugly Noo Noo by Andrew Buckland from August 15th to Sept 1st 2024. The extraordinary performance and text was first presented 36 years ago in 1988 at the Market Theatre. The play retains its special relevance to the world and provides an opportunity to witness the unique skills and stage presence of this elder of SA Theatre.
In 1988 Andrew Buckland wrote and played in a one man show under the direction of his wife Janet which changed the face of South African theatre. The show was called The Ugly Noo Noo and it was immediately acclaimed as a masterpiece of comic physical performance and an exceptional piece of political theatre. The play received a total of 17 national and international awards including a Fringe First and a Perrier Pick of the Fringe short listing from the Edinburgh Festival. Awards were for the script, the direction and the performance. The Ugly Noo Noo tells the story of a man’s encounter with the notorious Parktown Prawn which inhabited the suburbs of Johannesburg particularly during the 80’s and 90’s. Using sharp satirical commentary, an explosive performance style, this play takes the audience on an unforgettable journey through the dark underbelly of suburban life in the big city and examines in side splitting comic detail the relationship between fear and power in our every day lives. This an un-missable theatre event which will make you ‘howl with laughter at the sheer sensual pleasure of theatrical performance’ (Barry Ronge).

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Mannie Manim, Market Theatre, Johannesburg  Location on Google Maps


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