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What makes a ‘good neighbourhood’ good?
What makes a ‘bad neighbourhood’ bad?
The kind of people who live there?
The kind of houses they live in?
Evergreen grass or the ever dark streets?

Commissioned by the Baxter Theatre to creatively investigate the battle for affordable housing in
financial, commercial and residential areas, Fleur du Cap and Standard Bank Ovation award winning
playwright-director, Tiisetso Mashifane wa Noni’s latest play, Neighbourhood premiers at the Baxter
Studio from 2 August to 24 August.

Set in the fictional neighbourhoods of Lindela, an informal settlement and Everwood, an upper-
middle class area, Neighbourhood sees the idealistic ecosystem made up of Everwood being served
by Lindela community members, who travel to and from Everwood to access job opportunities and
quality education, get disrupted when, after multiple cries for affordable housing within Everwood,
Lindela residents decide to take matters into their own hands and move into Everwood to become
neighbours to those they serve.

Written using her signature process of stitching together a fictional narrative from various non-
fictional sources, Mashifane wa Noni embarked on a months long research phase that saw her
pulling inspiration from traditional media, social media, conducting interviews and receiving
submissions from everyday South Africans citizens from all walks of life including those, due to
various circumstances, who have lost their homes, have lost their meaning of home and are trying to
pick up the pieces to build new ones.

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