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Poet-O-Type (Play)

Poet-O-Type (Play)

Poet-O-Type (Play)

from 12 Jul 2024 19:00


Poet-O-Type follows the journey of an eager student (Grasshopper) as he contends with the varied lessons of his dynamic mentor (Guru) The play explores the “Poetry in Performance” realm; a thrilling landscape within the underbelly of South Africa’s art house circles. Subjected to scrutiny, the poets negotiate this illusive and mysterious underworld, with the more urgent and conventional real world.
Poet-O-Type is also a must-see for pupils as it unpredictably explores a plethora of figurative language and poetic devices including imagery, metaphors, similes, and personification enhance the meaning of the endless human themes dissected and bring the understanding of them closer to us on a sensory level as well, making their comprehension feel almost tangibly fathomable.

This is also layered by the slick intertwining use of sound and rhythmic devices including alliteration, assonance, consonance and rhyme itself, which is used to unravel many other subjects of knowledge and education corresponding to that of high school learners, in addition to an enjoyable musicality that creates and weaves into the production.

This creative and deeply crafted exploration of the literature is an irresistible and refreshing experiential lesson in not only the English language, poetry and in the Dramatic Arts (theatre performance) in professional practice, but also in real life experiences.

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Barney Simon, Market Theatre, Johannesburg  Location on Google Maps


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