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KING OF BROKEN THINGS (No Under 10s and No late entry)

KING OF BROKEN THINGS (No Under 10s and No late entry)

KING OF BROKEN THINGS (No Under 10s and No late entry)

from 05 Jun 2024 19:00


The world does its best to break everyone and everything, but afterwards, most things are stronger in their broken places.

The King of Broken Things is an adventurous and magical excursion into the rehabilitation of broken and discarded objects, hearts included. This bittersweet journey, viewed through the unfiltered mind of a child, wise beyond his years, will rehabilitate every heart.

“Sheer theatrical genius” - Barry Meehan -

“profound and poignant.” - The Natal Witness -

NAF Gold Ovation Award
Woordfees Award Winner
Fleur Du Cap Nominee

More Info:
The King of Broken Things is a journey into the broken heart of a young boy, a journey of discovery through his experiments, projects, and creations. Through the boy’s sense of abandonment and his outlook on the world, the audience are challenged to acknowledge their own ‘brokenness’. Through his love for discarded objects, this ‘King of Broken Things’ teaches us the importance of reparation and how all things, seen and unseen, can be mended, creating new things from old, where the rehabilitation of things broken and discarded gets to include people and hearts. The show touches on ancient Japanese traditions, on mythology and dreams, and reminds us of the magic that we so easily forget is everywhere. The King of Broken Things is a timely reminder to us all to think about the world and the repercussions of our actions, thoughts, and the things we say. And how we mere mortals would do well to dwell more on the magic words – imagine, believe, and dream.

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Mannie Manim, Market Theatre, Johannesburg  Location on Google Maps