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Friday 10 to Sunday 12 May 2024


The Centre for Extra-Mural Studies has organised a weekend excursion with Emeritus Professor John Parkington to the Cederberg for an immersive experience looking at rock art in situ which will allow participants a unique insight into the lives of the San by tracing their footsteps and analysing their art and artefacts. We will look at some of the more detailed and apparently explicit paintings to try to understand the painters' intentions and to discover the painted landscape they created, without ever, apparently, painting a tree, a river or a mountain.

Bio: Professor Parkington is amongst the top 2% of archaeologists in the world. He has been excavating and studying the lives of San hunter-gatherers for five decades and is the author of several books on rock art, rock engravings and archaeology as well as chapters in several books and over 150 scholarly articles.



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