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Gas Motorshow 2024

Gas Motorshow 2024

Gas Motorshow 2024

15th - 16th June 2024


Gear up for the exhilarating return of Gas Motorshow 2024 at Suncoast Durban! Brace yourself for a sensational experience, immersing you in unparalleled thrills and excitement!

This year, Suncoast proudly hosts one of the largest automotive exhibitions in the country, showcasing a unique blend of high-end elements in a secure and enjoyable environment. The event's purpose is to celebrate a shared passion for our beautiful country's broad automotive and music culture.

Prepare to be dazzled, not only by the continent's rarest and most unique vehicles, but also by the presence of social influencers, stuntmen, and international stars.

Anticipate an action-packed line-up, featuring an international Stunt Show by DiDi Bizzarrro, Freestyle Motocross, Gymkhana, Drifting, Spinning, Sound-Off, R/C Drifting, VR Race Simulators, Classics and Vintage Exhibitions, Stance Exhibitions, Drag Exhibitions, JDM Exhibitions, Bikes, and Corporate Brand Unveilings, Live Music, Live Street Art, Gaming Tournaments, Prizes, Raffles, Giveaways, and an after-party that defies expectations.

Saturday Line Up: Blended SA, Warren G + Liam G, Live Performance, Clint L, Jashmir, TXC, Ryan the DJ, Da Lootz.

Sunday Line Up: Liam Hans, Summer Haynes, DJ Kent, Lady Zamar, Mi Casa, DJ Marky Mark. AIR STUNT SHOW - Sunday ONLY.

Get ready for an unforgettable automotive experience!

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Gas Motorshow 2024

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