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High School Reunion

High School Reunion

High School Reunion

01 Jan 2024 12:00


The best days of our lives were in high school. The real high school days 80’s, 90’s n Early 2000’s were the best times to be in high school in SA.

Remember how town was ema bus terminals ngase workshop on Fridays?

Remember how cool Boys only school Rugby games?

The house parties?

Durban Girls, Mowat, Govner, Bachet, Inanda Seminary, Hunt road, OS, Bonela, Comtec ey the list is endless… Which school did u go to? Don’t you miss your high school mates?

December 23 we invite you to probably the biggest picnic of all time in Durban. The High School Reunion Picnic. Start opening Groups, find your high school mates n start planning on the biggest reunion.


High School Reunion

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