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A Letter to Azania (Thandiswa Mazwai)

A Letter to Azania (Thandiswa Mazwai)

A Letter to Azania (Thandiswa Mazwai)

25 Feb 2022 19:00


“Dear Azania, I have searched for you all my life” a letter to azania is a 90-minute music special by musician and cultural figure Thandiswa Mazwai. It tracks a letter the singer has written to “Azania” as a place of freedom and takes the audience on a sonic exploration of the utopian idea of Azania while expressing the melancholy that comes with a dream deferred. Thandiswa uses her music and her voice to create new worlds, re-imagen herself in a place where love and justice thrive and call for social cohesion with panAfrican ideals. She calls us all to awaken our imagination and remember the teachings of old as we forge a new world.

Genre: Afro pop
Age restriction: All

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A Letter to Azania (Thandiswa Mazwai)

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