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Nipple Caps & G-strings

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Back by popular demand!!!
Nipple Caps & G-strings is a dynamic, no-holds-barred, tell-it-like-it is rendition of a stripper life, performed by the winner of Survivor and owner of the Lollipop Lounge: GiGi.
NIPPLE CAPS & G-STRINGS is drenched in hilarious humour, seductive charm, and in-your-face honesty, as the naked truth about life behind the satin curtains of the exotic industry is enticingly revealed- and the mysterious veil of obscurity and ignorance is pushed aside.

“Nipple Caps & G-strings” are a fun and interactive show. Ideal for a bachelor, bachelorette, Date Night or anniversary. Group bookings of 10+ will receive a special drink!!
A Deon Opperman Theatre Production

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Nipple Caps & G-strings