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Friends of Iziko South African Museum Lecture

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Friends of Iziko South African Museum Lecture

from 30 Jun 2021 18:00


The Friends of the South African Museum is an organisation open to people of all ages who are interested in learning and exploring the natural and social history of our country.

The focus of the Friends is to support and assist in the promotion of Iziko South African Museum and the work it does. At the same time Friends members have interesting activities and generate interaction between the diverse communities in our society.

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Friends of Iziko South African Museum Lecture

30 Jun 2021 18:00

R40 - R65

Galaxies, Cosmology and the growth of Astronomy in South Africa by Dr Catherine Cress

Catherine Cress will give an overview of current questions relating to the study of galaxies and cosmology and discuss the projects which tackle some of these questions.

It will give an overview of the incredible telescopes available (or under construction) in Southern Africa, including the Southern African Large Telescope and the MeerKAT/SKA.

09-JUN-2021 18:00 - Postponed to 4 Aug due to loadshedding 04 Aug 2021 18:00

R40 - R65

Wild about wild dogs by Jocelin Kagan

Wild dogs are a uniquely African species. This lecture will focus on these animals which have survived for 1.7 million years but have been systematically shot at, had their dens destroyed and their pups killed since around 1900, diminishing the population to a mere 66 000 survivors of which there are 450 in South Africa.

They are now an endangered species. Their habits and social interactions will be discussed, answer the question whether they mourn and the power of the pack… and more.

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