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Friends of Iziko South African Museum Lecture

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Friends of Iziko South African Museum Lecture

from 29 Sep 2021 18:00


The Friends of the South African Museum is an organisation open to people of all ages who are interested in learning and exploring the natural and social history of our country.

The focus of the Friends is to support and assist in the promotion of Iziko South African Museum and the work it does. At the same time Friends members have interesting activities and generate interaction between the diverse communities in our society.

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Friends of Iziko South African Museum Lecture

29 Sep 2021 18:00

R40 - R65

Dr Jade Gibson reflects on possibilities of African musical influences in cosmopolitan Tang China during the 7th to 10th centuries CE. Starting with the diversity of influences represented in Tang sancai pottery aimed at performing music in the afterlife, she looks at possibilities for musicians and performers, travelling professional musicians and dancers, slaves, courtesans or officials, to incorporate `foreign` musical performance within many facets of life in Tang China during this time period, including via links through Indian ocean maritime trade and travel from Africa to China (the Silk Route).

27 Oct 2021 18:00

R40 - R65

Charles Darwin in the Cape: his experiences and how they impacted his thinking

Lecturer: Mike Bruton

During this well-illustrated talk, Mike Bruton will discuss what Charles Darwin did during his 19-day visit to the Cape of Good Hope in 1846. This will include his encounters with Sir Andrew Smith, John Herschel and Thomas MacLear, the significance of his visit and how it might have shaped his views on geology and natural selection.

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