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Friends of Iziko South African Museum Lecture

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Friends of Iziko South African Museum Lecture

from 28 Apr 2021 18:00


The Friends of the South African Museum is an organisation open to people of all ages who are interested in learning and exploring the natural and social history of our country.

The focus of the Friends is to support and assist in the promotion of Iziko South African Museum and the work it does. At the same time Friends members have interesting activities and generate interaction between the diverse communities in our society.

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Friends of Iziko South African Museum Lecture

28 Apr 2021 18:00

R40 - R65

Lecturer: Dr Derik Wolvaardt, Palaeontologist

In 1976 James Kitching pointed out a locality on the farm Lemoenfontein in the southern Free State where he found what he interpreted to be cynodont burrow casts and a few Trirachodon and procolophonid skulls.

Derik Wolvaardt’s subsequent exploration of this locality revealed that its rocks record a diverse faunal record. They have found a variety of well-preserved fossils. To date this locality has delivered 124 skulls of at least six different taxa, many with articulated skeletons. This site is generating information that will help to reconstruct the palaeoenvironments and palaeoecology of Middle Triassic tetrapods more accurately.

12 May 2021 18:00

R40 - R65

26 May 2021 18:00

R40 - R65

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