AmigosFLAMENCOS social club

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AmigosFLAMENCOS social club

14 Dec 2019 18:17



SoloFLAMENCO is re-opening Cape Town’s flamenco club called AmigosFLAMENCOS.

The social get together is aimed at flamenco aficionados and lovers of Spain through an evening filled with tapas offered by La Barra - Pintxos and Tapas Bar, wine and dancing at the cultural centre of Alliance Francaise in the heart of the mother city.

AmigosFLAMENCOS was initially launched in 2012 and hosted sold-out club events during the following 4 years.

The evening takes place in a relaxed peña Flamenca environment and creates the platform for full-time to amateur flamenco artists to hone their skills.

Unreserved seating.

SHOW 20:30

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