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Meisie Vani Lavis Premiere Night

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Meisie Vani Lavis Premiere Night

11 Jul 2020 12:15


Written, directed & produced by Mark Matroos. Full-length film 1hr12m.

The movie is about a young girl named Veruscha who grew up in Bishop Lavis, she is well mannered & comes from a church background raised by a single mother named Antie Mainie. Life is hard for them and sometimes there is no food to eat. This closely knitted bond between mother and daughter quickly unravels.

Everything changes when she starts hanging out with a troubled youth named Menta who is mixed up with a few bad guys from the area. Veruscha's world spiral out of control while her mom is trying to warn her from the dangers of hanging out with the wrong friends, but she refuses to listen and learns a hard lesson.

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Meisie Vani Lavis Premiere Night