The Twelve Dancing Princesses

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The Twelve Dancing Princesses

11 Dec 2019 16:42


Liezel Marais Dance Academy (LMDA) is proud to present yet another spectacular production. The story of The Twelve Dancing Princesses who discover the magic of dance and are drawn into a secret world of delight, adventure and even, ultimately, danger.

In the last few years, LMDA has brought you The Ruby Slipper 2015, The Nutcracker Princess 2016, The Forest Queen 2017, Dreams of an Artist 2018 and this November The Twelve Dancing Princesses at the Pretoria State Theatre.

“…and you dance and you dance in an endless flow.
In the grace of a perfect design, stepping out of the dark and into the glow. And the whole world will see you shine.
You can shine!”

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