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The Chronicles of Athena, Babes

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The Chronicles of Athena, Babes

05 Jun 2020 17:07


Whether it's prepping for first dates (stressful), going to the gynae (very stressful), learning how to give head (extremely stressful & a little scary), trying to tell your parents you've had sex & may be pregnant (incredibly stressful & exceptionally scary) or fighting for the attention of the very cute older combat coach (problematic, but we'll talk about it), nothing is off the table for this Under 17 Grecian Martial Hand-to-Hand Combat Squad.
Delve into the minds of horny teenagers as we navigate new sparring routines & the world of sex.
'The Chronicles of Athena, Babes' is 'Mean Girls meets martial arts training, Greek mythology & the Sex Ed class you didn't know you wanted.

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The Chronicles of Athena, Babes