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from 25 Apr 2024 10:00

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Written by renowned South African author, Mr. Athol Fugard, the show is a stark and moving exploration of the deep scars and lasting damage caused by Bantu Education during the Apartheid Regime.

This thought-provoking play is set in the tumultuous 1980s, at the height of Apartheid, and delves into the complex lives of three South Africans - Thami Mbikwana, Isabel Dyson, and a school teacher known as Mr. M. The narrative vividly portrays the educational crisis faced by black people in that era, set against a backdrop of persistent student boycotts and the formation of the National Education Crisis Committee by concerned parents in response to the devastating 1976 massacre.
"My Children! My Africa!" is not just a play, but an educational experience designed to provoke thought and stimulate discussion. Particularly tailored for matric students, it seeks to shed light on the power of education and the struggles faced by their predecessors in securing it. Through the captivating narrative, students will gain insights into the historical context of their current educational opportunities, and the sacrifices made to achieve them.

The play uncovers the trials and tribulations of Thami, a promising black student who joins the boycott against the advice of his mentor, Mr M. It also portrays the journey of Isabel, a white student striving to grasp the state of South Africa during the height of the Apartheid-era boycotts.

Each performance is an opportunity to reflect on the past, learn from it, and apply its lessons to the present and future. Schools are strongly encouraged to book seats. Given the educational value and historical significance of "My Children! My Africa!", the play is expected to draw large crowds.

We invite you to join us on this emotional journey through South Africa's past, as we explore themes of education, resistance, and the human spirit in the face of adversity. We believe that through understanding our past, we can shape a more inclusive and equitable future.

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Main Theatre at Roodepoort Theatre, Roodepoort Theatre, 100 Christiaan de Wet Rd, Florida Park, Rood  Location on Google Maps