“Die donker?”?“Die donker.

Dit wat saam met die lig gepaard gaan. Of, die ding wat dalk in onsself bly torring. Bly draai. Bly soek en krap en kou. ‘n Kaak. Wat kraak elke keer as die keel vol sluk en slym is.”
 RAAK is the story of a single evening that unfolds into a lifetime shared between a husband and a wife.

Their beginning and the beginning of their end. The silent violence of their being like Raka which lingers on. An inherited touch like the head of a springbok hanging on a wall?

The search for that which could have been, a hunt for what never was. A carcass toiling in the kitchen to preserve meat and bone, or to let it rot?

Age Restriction: No under 14s